Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 Free Printable Calendar

I was searching for a good calendar this year, none of them inspired me. I did my own calendar with some of my favorite Black Metal bands. I am sharing the link so you guys can download it. Bands included: Darkthrone, Emperor, Ulver, Behemoth... You can use it anyway you want, in a binder or on the wall.

I know it will not please everybody, either because the bands are not your favorite (not "True" enough) or the minimal layout... 

The order of the days are:  M T W Th F S S.

Download it here.

If you use it at Instagram use the hashtag "blackmetalcalendar", I would love to see it around :)

Have a wonderful and dark 2014!!!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Star Wars Party

My dear son turned four, and he is fanatic for Star Wars. I did a small Star Wars party at the school, but things got a bit rushed there therefore I have only poor quality photos. I set up a mini demonstration quickly, just to show a bit the things I used for the party.

I used:

*Star Wars Cupcake Decorating Kit Rebel Alliance at Williams Sonoma (bargain price, only $3.99 - score)
*Star Wars  Hallmark party favors value pack, plates and napkins.
*Cup printable label (It is actually for a treat bag, but I glued in the cup) from Hello My Sweet

Free Printables:
*Happy Birthday Banner from Libbie Grove Design
*Food labels from  Libbie Grove Design
*Droid Water bottle Labels from from Pink Peppermint

Activities for the kids:
*Princess Leia Coloring page (the girls LOVED IT)
*Star Wars Ships Coloring pages (the boys got crazy :P)
*Make you own R2-D2 from Tip Junkie (those turned out very cute)

This is the last post from Occasional Vanity. I appreciate all the support but I have been so busy "homeschooling" my son and with my studies... I hope I can come back! 


You can still follow me on my Instagram and my History of Art tumblr.

CHEERS and have a Wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Occasional Vanity

AWNN A VIKING <33333  Milk Magazine

When I blog about something, it's because I like it,  it is not because it's trendy or anything. Of course, it happens a lot, that, we like things that are fashionable at the moment, and we should not enjoy less :) 
Fur is one essential element for coziness. Either fake or not, it always make any modern or rustic place, and person, attractive. More fur in my pinterest board here.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Gold & Black

Holy Dear, it has been a quite "long time" without a post! haha My life has been a bit crazy, and I do not make my blog a priority. I blog to relax or to forget about the things I have to do for few minutes. Family visiting (yes, another member arrived yesterday), art classes, university, trying to homeschooling my kid for few hours a day...  I hope everything is good with you guys!

I love gold and black, I have a few things that I assembled for the pic. It reminds me the Dark Ages and the religious iconography well rendered at the McQueen collection f/w 2010. Also D&G Fall 2010.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Office table - THE FINAL CHAPTER [ I hope ]

I swear, this is the final table! The other one was more a laptop table, my legs were banging the walls all the time!  I have got so angry that I bought this one !

Sorry for being away, I am doing an University and an Art school.

Have the greatest week folks!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nature Pillows

Could you resist those amazing pillow cases from Alaskan artist Ellam Yua

Check her store here at Society 6 and her tumblr and get inspired, really inspired today! So organic and pure. Cool tones. AHHHH <3 

Monday, 17 June 2013


I believe, our children don't need to be our copy, and they should enjoy the colorful things in life. Kids need to have freedom to express themselves. I see some bloggers that just buy black and white things for their kids! Please, your children are not your toys or a mini version of yourselves! They can enjoy color and we can still keep a beautiful palette in their room. I tend to buy white bed, sheets and furniture to keep a balance. I will post more of photos of his room when his grown up bed arrives :D

I drilled those shelves in my son's room to display his books :) Vikings postcards from Design by Bora and Herzensart.

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Clothing Rack

Photo: Marcela Vanegue

I am saying goodbye for a couple of months to my clothing rack. The "summer" is here and I do not need neither those sturdy wooden hangers nor the rack for my lightweight clothes (I LOVE THAT). Couple of days ago, I ordered beautiful HAY copper hangers from Denmark, which luckily my mother-in-law will bring to me next month :DDD. I will just put a rail on the wall or hooks, I have not decided yet :)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Simplehuman Bin

This simplehuman is a perfect solution for people searching a retro look as Vipp bins.

Find it at The Container Store.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Music Space


PHOTO Emma Person Lagerberg's house via

Peter Beste photographer shirt, Tarja autograph, reused a LN-CC box to put some cds.

Photos & Styling: Marcela MachadoVanègue

Do you have a space at your home that you dedicate to something? Like, music, religion or art?

I have this little area, that I will probably change place soon due to the constant moving of my apartment. It is so small, that I keep moving things and revamping to optimize space. I added textures with fur and the shirts. I have a classic shirt one that I bought in Tampa when I was 15 *.* More CDs are inside, altogether with more shirts, magazines, and DVDs.

Music is really one of my passions! Mostly of my artistic inspiration came from it and also from my Northeastern culture. I had studied music at the conservatory, had bands and did concerts in the past :)

I hope you had enjoyed it and have a great Tuesday!

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